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Jumbotron — Python and RapidAPI web scraping
Jumbotron — Python and RapidAPI web scraping

A common problem that crops up when working in academia is having a large list of references that you need to gather some metadata for (authors, journal, publication date, DOI, etc.). I recently encountered this problem when creating a database for my research, and I needed to get the URL links for about 300 separate references. I had a Word document that contained most of the information, including the primary author and the article title, but no easy way to get the links for them. …

When following other tutorials for Django, I noticed that many don’t go into detail about how to make the project 12factor compliant, especially in regards to storing secrets like the SECRET_KEY and the database credentials. This tutorial will show how to start a new Django project and configure it to keep secrets safe. It will also use Docker to build containers for the python backend and a PostgreSQL database.

Code blocks show both typed commands (in bold) and some example output (not bold). If you’re following along, make sure to only type the parts listed in bold.

You can find…

Ben Luginbuhl

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